CorbinFisher – Trenton & Zane (Swap Loads)



Zane’s our newest CF freshman, and he’s a welcome addition to the roster indeed! Cute as all hell – with great dimples when he flashes that bright smile – Zane has a smooth and tight body, great eyes, and is incredibly friendly. He settled in to CF immediately, getting along well with the other guys and quick to crack jokes and start up conversations. While some guys might be a bit nervous when first arriving at CF and first meeting the other guys, Zane didn’t have any of those issues at all.

We wanted to get Zane in to some action right away, so paired him up with Trenton for a welcome BJ! These two guys are a perfect fit – both witty and outgoing, and both as horny as can be.

Zane freely admits to loving sex, and we weren’t going to make him wait! He and Trenton take turns blowing one another, lots of ass gets eaten, and lots of cum gets swallowed up!

Download From Extmatrix -Trenton_Blows_Zane.mp4.html



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