CorbinFisher – Rhett Unloads on Nikki




I was looking forward to this one! Rhett is supremely sexy, with that tan and hot build, those great eyes, that bright smile, and that mix of Southern boy and surfer charm. He mentioned in his introductory solo he wasn’t the least bit shy about showing off, so we set to giving him the opportunity to do that right away.

The action here kicks off with a great view of Rhett’s ass in his perfectly-fitting boxer briefs before he and his partner get down to playing. It’s not long before those undies are slid off, revealing Rhett’s big, thick dick that we can see gradually growing and becoming harder and harder. The BJ he starts to get really turns him on, and he can’t help but look down and smile as that big dick gets worked over.

Where we really get to see Rhett’s hot body in action is all of the fucking, though, and he’s sure to engage in plenty of that and use his dick all he can to turn him and Nikki on. While his voice is hot enough, hearing him moan and groan “Yeah!” is all the more hot, and his ass looks better than ever as he pumps his way to firing off a massive load that keeps on spraying and shooting.


Categories: Western Porn


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