CorbinFisher – Luke barebacks Colt

“Luke is settling in nice here at CF, getting into some hot romps and exploring his sexuality with some of the hottest guys we have on the roster. He’s definitely getting a lot more relaxed and open to really letting go and enjoying each experience.
That mischievous smile of his disappears in seconds as Colt immediately jumps on him and sets the tempo. Luke isn’t taken aback and follows up with his own sexual vigor. He sucks Colt’s thick dick as thorough as his was sucked and when he eats Colt’s ass, he gets his tongue up there- fucking him with his face before penetrating his whole shaft into Colt’s horny hole.
Luke and Colt moan out “Oh yeah”- Colt whimpering it while Luke grunts it out. The look on Luke’s face throughout has a bit of awe over how attracted he is to someone as manly and well built as Colt, but the proof is in the hard cum that he shoots out – and how hard his dick stays for Colt to continue riding!”


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