CorbinFisher – Double Updates – Jude & Vance Feeds Kellan




It’s a DOUBLE Corbin Fisher updates introducing completely charismatic and total surfer boy, Jude and we also catch Vance and Kellan having sensual fun with one another! Since Vance arrived at Corbin Fisher, we’ve noticed that although built like a gladiator, with thick muscular arms that seem to go for miles, he’s a very sensual lover once his clothes come off. He never holds back when he kisses and leans into his partners for as much contact as he can get.

So it wasn’t long before we connected the dots of who’d be an ideal partner for him- Kellan! After all, everything just said above could be said about the dark-haired, passionate young hunk.

Kellan and Vance’s tryst is not short of makeout sessions and skin-to-skin contact. Just the audio alone makes up quite a bit of the eroticism of the scene. Yet the beating of the headboard as Vance drills into Kellan makes it quite clear that although sweet, the sex is in no way gentle! The blend of the two seems the perfect combination for Kellan he hardly believes how much jizz is coming out of him as he cums and cums! When Kellan’s sweet ass feels just too good to hold back his load, Vance drops it right on Kellan’s tongue.

Jude is all about having fun and enjoying himself. He has no shortage of jokes to tell and no shortage of muscles for that matter! Completely built for activity, whether or on the beach or in the bedroom, his big arms and ripped abs make an afternoon with him absolutely enticing!

On this afternoon, while he’s stroking his nice thick dick, we get to fully check out the athlete’s hot body from all angles. The closer he gets to the edge the louder his grunts get and the more he touches himself all over. Squatting down on the ground, Jude yells out just before growling and trembling out his hot load.


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