CollegeDudes – Davey Anthony & Alex Maxim




“It’s really going to be a good one…We got some great positions and good energy,” tattooed College Dude Davey Anthony tells us before his new scene with the muscle-bound Alex Maxim. Before that, Davey shows us some notes he took in College Dudes 101. It’s basically crude drawings of stick-people bent over fucking other stick-people. That drawing quickly becomes a reality as Davey and Alex go at it. The boys begin with a steamy make-out session, where they French-kiss slowly and lustfully, all the while undressing each other. After some crotch fondling, Alex goes to work on Davey’s juicy man-meat. The all-American, corn-fed hunk opens his mouth wide, allowing Davey to fuck his face. Then it’s Davey’s turn to go down on his delicious partner. He swallows Alex’s throbbing cock with hearty delight. After a while though, Davey gets a hankering for some white-boy ass. He munches on Alex’s succulent asshole like a hog at a trough, causing Alex to moan and groan in pure ecstasy. Using his spit as lube, Davey plunges his cock deep into Alex’s tight, pink hole and butt-fucks him long and hard till they both bust their collegiate nuts.


Categories: Western Porn


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